Dr Ewelina Stobiecka

Attorney at law

I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs for almost twenty years in resolving commercial disputes in and out of court. I represent my clients as an attorney and negotiator and also act as a commercial mediator...
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Our expertise

Professional dispute resolution requires an interdisciplinary approach.

We are a team of experienced lawyers who are well-prepared for negotiations, mediation, facilitation and arbitration. We are aware that every dispute is connected not only with a legal dispute or a divergence of opinions of the parties as to facts or technical details, but also with a whole range of emotions of people involved in a given conflict. Therefore, for the needs of complex projects – including in particular intra-organizational conflicts – we cooperate with crisis interveners and business psychologists.


A lawyer in a dispute is not only a client’s attorney but also a partner who should be able to assess a given case with a „cool eye” and propose a strategy of action in line with the client’s business goals.

A lawyer should also be a great proceduralist because the knowledge of the rules of court proceedings and relevant procedural experience give the right perspective to make the right decisions also outside the courtroom.


A negotiator is a person who on someone’s behalf conducts negotiations, i.e. who in the process of communication tries to find a solution satisfactory for both parties. A good negotiator should have skills derived from such fields as rhetoric, business psychology or interpersonal communication. Very often negotiators in disputes between entrepreneurs are lawyers with the above features.


A facilitator is a person whose job it is to actively participate in facilitating communication between individuals or groups involved in a dispute. It provides support in clarifying the so-called language code, i.e. explaining all communication issues so that the parties not only hear but also understand each other.

The facilitator is impartial and aims to prevent escalation of the conflict.


The mediator plays a specific and unique role in the conflict resolution process. He is a professional, impartial participant in the mediation process, managing conversations and negotiations between the parties. His task is to support the parties in the search for a solution to the dispute, help in communication at the level of seeking mutual understanding and trust. Mediator in the mediation process allows you to see and hear what is difficult to hear for the parties in dispute, motivates to and moderates the conversation about needs, sometimes emotions and, above all, deeply hidden interests.

Commercial mediator should have appropriate interdisciplinary preparation, high self-awareness, intuition and knowledge of the business environment.


An arbitrator is a judge but chosen by the parties and trusted by them. An arbitrator is a person with appropriate education, usually legal one, who moves through arbitration procedures and issues to the parties a decision on their dispute, which is at the same time a judgment of an arbitration court. Each arbitral tribunal has its own list of arbitrators at the disposal of the parties submitting their dispute to the given arbitration court.