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I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs for almost twenty years in resolving commercial disputes in and out of court. I represent my clients as an attorney and negotiator and also act as a commercial mediator...
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Mediation clause

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A mediation clause is an important element of any contract. I encourage the inclusion of mediation clause in agreements e.g.: Any dispute which results from such an agreement or which are connected, can be settled amicably by the International Mediation Centre at the International Chambers of Commerce in Poland. If the parties cannot reach a […]

How commercial mediation looks like at the International Mediation Centre (IMC)? Step 1 Tell us about your business issue before you go to court: contact the International Mediation Centre Coordinator e.stobiecka@mcm.org.pl If the case is already in court, describe the current stage to us and we will help you to transfer it from court to […]

MEDIATION PARTIES: – property development company – architectural studio VALUE OF THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THE DISPUTE PLN 1,200,000 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE CASE, INCLUDING THE WORKED OUT SETTLEMENT The parties concluded a contract for the performance of fit-out and design works for a new shopping centre in one of Polish cities. The contract amounted […]

More than two months ago, on 3 October, the Court of Justice of the European Union issued a ruling on mortgage CHF borrowers in response to questions referred for a preliminary ruling by the District Court in Warsaw, before which one of the cases against the bank is pending. This ruling represents a very important […]