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I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs for almost twenty years in resolving commercial disputes in and out of court. I represent my clients as an attorney and negotiator and also act as a commercial mediator...
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Ewelina Stobiecka17 June 2020Comments (0)

Commercial mediation is an increasingly used form of dispute resolution. The new civil procedure, which is only a few months old, is also conducive to its application and is based on amicable methods of dispute resolution during the so-called preparatory meeting, which is a new element of the classic court process. The flexibility of the […]

Entrepreneurs know more and more about alternative dispute resolution methods. Thanks to the Act on supporting amicable methods of conflict resolution, more and more often we talk about mediation also in courts, persuading conflicting parties, practically at each stage of court proceedings to mediate.  It is worth noting, however, that private mediation centres also have […]