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Case study: from arbitration to mediation

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From arbitration to mediationMEDIATION PARTIES:

– property development company
– architectural studio


PLN 1,200,000


The parties concluded a contract for the performance of fit-out and design works for a new shopping centre in one of Polish cities. The contract amounted to PLN 6,000,000 and concerned the entire shopping complex.

As a result of problems related to the macroeconomic situation, the developer had to discontinue the investment and break the contract with its contractor. On the part of the contractor, i.e. the architectural studio, certain costs have already been generated, related to the design work performed to date, valued at approximately PLN 1,200,000.

The design company demanded the return of the amount due for the performed works, while the development company justified its failure to complete the works and to discontinue the entire investment due to its poor financial situation. The parties reached an impasse.

The contract linking both parties provided for arbitration for the disputes that arose, which, as it turned out after preliminary calculations, would generate additional costs of conducting the dispute at the level of initial fees of approximately USD 60,000. The arbitration clause in the Agreement effectively blocked the Parties from pursuing the claim in court. Therefore, the Parties decided to engage in out-of-court talks, in a mediation formula.

As a result of the mediation, the Parties managed to reach a Settlement Agreement, in which both Parties agreed to pay a significant part of the remuneration for architectural works already performed, with a simultaneous reduction of certain additional costs and interest that were related to the claim. The payments were spread in instalments convenient to both Parties and so that the developer, who was currently in a poor financial position, could meet its obligations.

Due to the desire to approve the Settlement before the Court, the Parties applied to the Court for approval of the Settlement and at the court date set within a few days, the Parties officially approved the Settlement reached before the Mediator.

This case is also an example of how mediation has successfully reduced the costs of proceedings from approximately USD 60,000 for an entry in arbitration to several thousand PLN in total costs of the entire (private) mediation process.

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