Dr Ewelina Stobiecka

Attorney at law

I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs for almost twenty years in resolving commercial disputes in and out of court. I represent my clients as an attorney and negotiator and also act as a commercial mediator...
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Ewelina Stobiecka

I invite you to another round of talks about mediation from an international perspective. This time, with mediator and advocate of Belgian law Mrs. Joanna Kolber, I talk about commercial mediation from a Polish-Belgian perspective. The following issues were raised: sectors of Belgian business in which mediation is most frequently used mediation as a way […]

I invite you to listen to an interview with Mr Frederic Petit, a French mediator and member of the French parliament. We are looking for answers, among others, to the following questions: 1. Are French entrepreneurs willing to mediate? How is mediation developing in France? 2. Are there any areas, industries in France that are […]

I invite you to listen to an interview on mediation between Polish and Italian entrepreneurs. With my guest – Alfio Mancani, Polish and Italian mediator we discuss i.a: 1. “Costs of a business dispute. Why do Italian entrepreneurs mediate disputes in Poland?” 2. “Mediation in Italy. An unpleasant duty or an excellent ADR tool?” 3. […]

How the private commercial mediation looks like: Step 1 File your case with professional mediation centre Report your business problem before you go to court (contact the International Mediation Centre Coordinator: e.stobiecka@mcm.org.pl) If your case is already in court, describe what stage it is at and we will help you move it from the courtroom […]

There is an excellent article in today’s Rzeczpospolita with my commentary on the tax implications of potential settlements in CHF borrowers cases The tax office confirmed in an individual interpretation that currency conversion of credit does not create revenue. This interpretation confirms that in the case of such redemption, no tax is due, and the […]